Sailfin Dragon

By Gabe

Animal Details

It has fins on its back. It lives over water on a tree. It can run on water. Its an omnivore.

And its scientific name is Hydrosaurus.


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Habitat Characteristics

it will have a tree. And a mini pond. And some crickets for food.

Food Chain

Komodo dragon - Sailfin dragon - butterflies - plants

plants & fruit

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lIfe Cycle

egg - hatchling - lizard - bigger - bigger - old - dead
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inherited traits

their fins. their speed.

learned behaviors

their sneakiness. their attitude (around humans/animals).


it should be about 10 desks long (normal size). with crickets and vegetables for food. 2 sailfin dragons and exotic trees and bushes. it needs a tape heater.


a glass case. and a little pond.


a tree to climb on and a pond to swim in.
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