Courtship (Display)

Verenice Castillo

What is Courtship (Display)?

Courtship display is a special, sometimes ritualised, set of behaviours which some animals perform as part of courtship. Courtship behaviours can include special calls, postures, and movements, and may involve special plumage, bright colours or other ornamentation.

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Examples of Courtship

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At the end of the winter and through the breeding season, Peacocks perform displays, either to strengthen the pair-bonds or to create a new one. These displays are more developed in new pairs because the male needs to attract a female, using for that several types of postures, movements and actions.

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Sea Horses

Sea horses display a romantic dance that can last up to eight hours. The male and female will hold tails, swim snout-to-snout, and change colors to indicate their readiness to mate.

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