Medieval Homes and Castles

By: Kenny


Castles and Peasant homes were very different during the Medieval Times you will be learning about the different rooms in castles and how they were built and how Peasant houses were built and much more

From Beginign to End

  • 5th to the 15th century
  • Began in Western Roman Empire

What is a Castle?

  • Castles have 7 main different rooms
  • Each room has many different types of purpose
  • Castles themselves had to basic purposes
  1. To provide shelter
  2. To keep people out

How Castles Got Their Names

  • The word castle evolved over many centuries from Castrum meaning closed fort
  • Chateau, kastil and,castello all mean living purposes and defense
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The rooms in a castle

  1. Spot of the castle was the look out area, the guards look out for enemies This area was called the Turret
  2. The Robe room was the top floor used to store fabrics servants also lived there
  3. The Lords Bedroom where they leased land to individuals
  4. The solar room is is where they could sit in peace play games and get entertainment also called Great Hall
  5. The treasure room this is were valuables were stored
  6. Dark place where criminals were kept punished
  7. The kitchen where large meals were cooked

What castels were made out of

  • Stone
  • wood
  • Used as base

How a Castle Ran

  • It took 100-150 people to run a castle
  1. Gardners
  2. Maids
  3. Cooks

Inside a Castle

  • Fire places
  • Rugs
  • Animal Skin

Peasant Homes

  • Damp, Dark, Wet
  • there was only one room

Two Types of Peasents

What Houses were made out of

  • Mud
  • Wood
  • Most common

More About Peasants

  • They were not free
  • More rights than slaves
  • They could hold land and grow food but still worked so often no time

Safer than Roman Times

  • They lived in villages instead of own land
  • Also people say it was Hotter in roman times

Inside a Peasant Home

  • Straw Beds
  • Animals
  • Trash

How the Medieval Times Ended

  • 1453 The capture of Constantinople by the Turks
  • 1453 The end of the Hundred Years' War
between the English and the French,
  • 1492 The Muslims’ being ejected from Spain
  • 1492 The discovery of America by Columbus.
  • 1517 The Protestant Reformation starting


Today you learned the differences between medieval peasant homes and Medieval Castles. You learned about the different rooms in a castle and what, castles and peasant homes were made of. Even though the Medieval Times has ended we still carry on some of their traditions. For example Instead of knots we use Body Guards. We also have Performances and restaurants so the medieval times will never be forgotten.


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