Dating and Relationships Newsletter

By: Aliyah Brown

Effective Communication

On a deeper level, It Is Impossible to develop closeness without open, honest communication. Some families have regular meetings to keep up with family news and plan their schedules. Simple gestures , like asking how someone Is doing, help ensure that lines of communication stay open. Be sensitive to signs that someone needs to talk, and let the person know that you are listening. Dating another person be sure to keep in touch with their family!

Qualities of Friendship

Friends Is an Important Influence on your life. Having things In common with your friend provide a basis to spend time together. Caring friends Is also good they are kind, considerate, and concerned about others well being. Friends understand that nobody Is perfect. they are willing to forgive each other's mistake.

Taking the Next Step

For a friendship to develop, one person has to take the next step. You might follow up with a phonecall or a text message, or find a way to talk to the person at school.If you spend time together and discover common interest, the friendship will have a chance to grow. However It Is important not to rush things. Strong friendships cannot be forced and need time and effort to grow.


Jealousy Is the feeling that the person you care about is more interested In something or someone else than you. When you care about another person, It Is normal to feel jealous at times.Extremely jealous people are usually insecure. They may resent any situation that seems threatening and become possessive and controlling. The jealous person may be expecting to much. It Is best for couples to balance the time they spend together and apart.

Is it Love

People have long struggled with the question "How can I be sure its love?" When you think back, ask questions : Why did your feelings change In your past relationship? Why did your feelings change for him In your past relationship? Was there a lack of understanding? Was the emotional connection one-sided? Caring, Respect, and trust Is the keys to lasting relationships. Successful couples know how to give and receive. It Is important to give a relationship enough time to develop.
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