TAF@Saghalie Newsletter

November Edition


While I was writing up our scholar and family NEED TO KNOWS for the week, an amazing Amazon commercial came on that helped me to get through watching the Seahawks get trounced by the Bills! It was so moving that I cried at the end…like a big ol’ baby! I saw our lives play out in this 2mins. One of the best parts of the commercial was the last image of the ad that showed a simple black screen with white writing that said…THE SHOW MUST GO ON. It was powerful! https://youtu.be/vzZ7Daapi4s

Please take a few moments to watch this commercial and reflect on how we persevere daily just like the young lady in that commercial. Thank goodness that she had a family and community (a wolfpack) to support her and ensure that she had an opportunity to live out her dream. How will you help someone live their dream this week? How will you help to ensure that the show goes on?


Please welcome Tenea Jones, newest member of our Wolf Pack! She joins us on Monday, Nov. 16th as our new Assistant Principal.

Previously she served as a summer school site coordinator for Todd Beamer High School, as a teacher and member of the Race and Equity Committee in the Tukwila School District, and paraeducator for Woodmont K-8 and Federal Way High School.

Tenea earned a bachelor’s in communications from the University of Washington, a Masters in secondary education from Grand Canyon University, and principal certification from Eastern Washington University.

I’m excited for Tenea to continue building her leadership skills and expertise as she takes on the role of assistant principal in the 2020-21 school year.


November 18: Principal Scholar Advisory Panel 12:00

November 18: Zoom with Principal Spencer 6:00 - 7:00pm

November 20: Quarter 1 Report Cards for HS Only mailed home

November 25: Early Dismissal

November 26-17: Thanksgiving Break NO SCHOOL

December 10-11: Rescheduled SLC's

December 15: Exhibition #1

December 21-January 3: Winter Break NO SCHOOL

January 18: Martin Luther King Day NO SCHOOL

January 28: End of Quarter 2, Semester 1

January 29: Semester Break - NO SCHOOL



This is the location of where all your scholar’s grades will be located. Please click the button on the left side that says gradebook. In there you will see your child’s grades for each class.

In ParentVue/StudnetVue= Assignments vs. Standards View Individual assignments are listed under the assignment tab. The default setting is seeing the standards view. Please click the “Expand All” button to see all assignments in this default area.


This is our main learning platform. As we move forward – our teachers are working on a way to show families and scholars what goes into ParentVue and StudentVue. This is the first time that every element of our classroom is being put in front of families. We are proposing a few changes to support the communication of what is graded. But do know there are two categories:

Formative assessments that inform how teachers teach. It should be completed because it helps scholars practice the skills in a standard.

Summative assessments are the results how a scholar’s mastery in a standard. It is graded and placed in Synergy.

Both are put on Canvas and support how our teachers teach and how our scholars show their learning.


During the November 4th Family Zoom, Ms. Thompson presented a wonderful Canvas tutorial! The link is on our website


On Tuesday 12/15, our campus will be engaging in our first whole school virtual exhibition.

Teachers will send our schedules of when our scholars will be presenting. Below is an overview of what each grade will be learning about in the coming weeks and what you will see during exhibition 1 presentations.

If you have a requested time for when you can see your scholar present (between 8:00-12:40) please email their house teachers directly.

6th Grade:

Since the beginning of human history, people have struggled to ensure that they have access to healthy food on a daily basis. 1 in 6 children in the US and 40 million Americans total are food insecure everyday. Globally 2 billion people are food insecure. As a result, many experience poor nutrition, poor health, and in some cases death.

*Students will explore how food insecurity influences food production and art.

7th Grade:

People all over the world deal with natural disasters while also striving to maintain a strong sense of community. Your job is to design a space and a system that meets the needs of your community within the context of your area’s threat of death and destruction by natural disasters.

8th Grade:

Students in groups of 3-4 will use the engineering design process to create a Rube Goldberg machine. This will utilizes the concept of Science by energy transformations, it will include math by showing graphical transformations , and by representing cultural transformations in our world it will represent the concept of Humanities.

HS: Grades 9-12

As population across the globe continues to grow exponentially, the reality of nuclear technology as a means of power both politically and environmentally, needs to be addressed as we move forward as a planet.

In this project, students will explore nuclear technology in areas of weapons, power, environmental impact, and/or social equity and make a case for its advancement or cessation supported by historical context, scientific construction and advancement and mathematical realities of nuclear fission.

Big picture


“Across the country, more than 8 million students are missing so many days of school that they are academically at risk. Chronic absence — missing 10 percent or more of school days due to absence for any reason—excused, unexcused absences and suspensions, can translate into third-graders unable to master reading, sixth-graders failing subjects and ninth-graders dropping out of high school.” – Attendance Works

Attendance Tips

  • Establish routines - bedtime, homework time, etc.
  • Use an alarm clock or phone to wake up in time for school.
  • Use Parentvue to check attendance.
  • Talk to your child about the importance of attendance.
  • Try not to schedule appointments during the school day (book on Wednesday or Asynchronous time)

Contact your counselor if you want support with your child’s attendance!

Ms. Benitez grades 8-12 – ebenitez@fwps.org; (619) 436 – 5774 (call or text)

Mrs. Robinson grades 6 & 7 – crobonso@fwps.org; (619) 452-0475 (call or text)

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Wellness 4 Wolves

For the first 10 weeks of Wellness 4 Wolves, we will be utilizing WhyTry’s Parent guide to talk about resilience and ideas to support our wellbeing, and the wellbeing of our families.

“The purpose of this Parent’s Guide is to help you increase resilience in yourself as well as in your children. The definition of resilience and the skills and attributes for developing it will become clear in future chapters. We know you’re busy. Raising a family is no easy task. So we’ve organized the chapters to make them easier to read – even skim if you need to.”


A new health center for students is coming soon to TAF@Saghalie!

Appointments for in-person, telephone, or virtual visits will be available when the center opens in January.

Services offered at HealthPoint’s school health centers:

• Primary care

• Mental health counseling

• Physical and annual exams

• Sports physicals

• Immunizations

• Injury care

• Medication management and refills

• Nutrition education and counseling

• Specialty referrals

• Diagnostics testing

Insurance and affordability

You will not have to pay out of pocket for care. Our staff can help you apply for insurance or other programs that will cover costs.

Who can register to use the health center?

Registration will begin with TAF@Saghalie students and will be expanded to other students of the district at a later date.