Helping the world in 24 hours

Created by the Emmas&m


Before you can be able to provide food and shelter for you family, you need to be able to buy it/provide it/ divide it for your family. Go on any of these websites and they will have a more detailed information for applying for the job.
  1. UberX Driver Partner-California
  2. Delivery Driver for Domino's Pizza
  3. Warehouse- weekends off!


To survive on earth you need to have something in your body or else you will die. Food is a really important part of your life. We need a world wide help because we do not now where Kayla is in this world. CCA gives a grocery store, you have to make an appointment except for Monday's are reserved for seniors.
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Don't worry Kayla's Mom, we have sheltering for you too! And don't worry about the money, they are VERY cheap! Once again, buy it/provide it/divide it has done it again! Now all you have to do is pick from one of these three!
  1. House: Hucklberry Dr. - $80,000
  2. Apartment: Las Brisas - $545-700 (for rent)
  3. Apartment: The Marquis At Lanta - $882-1728 (for rent)
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For Kayla's Mom, we found 3 jobs. The first one that we found was an Uberx driver partner. It is in California. We found this job at Usually she would get about $19 an hour. She could also be a delivery driver for Domino's Pizza. You could get about $8 ( for the average). Lastly, for a job, she could work in a warehouse, and you would get weekends off. For all of these jobs you have to get interviewed to be able to work.

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After you get a job, you can by a house or most likely an apartment first. If you want to get a house, there is a cheap house on Huclberry Dr. It is $80,000. An aparntment is for rent, it is called Las Brisas. It is around $545-700. The last one that I found is an apartment for rent, the Marquis At Lanta for $882-1728.

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Finally, for hunger, CCA gives a grocery store for the Hungery. You have to make an appointment before you go, and Monday's are reserved for the seniors. Another one is called "Our Daily Bread", it is a soup kitchen, on W. Oak St. Finally, a drive called "Food for the Hungry", drive where, for every $1 you give $22 to the hungry people to buy food.