Agricultural Adjustment Act

March 14, 1935

What was the program intended to help?

The program intended to help farms when the dust bowl happened and it destroyed all their crops. When their was not crops and not enough food for everyone.

What was the program intended to do?

It intended to reduce export surpluses, which meant that they could not export a lot of goods, rising prices the prices went up, because their was not enough food for everyone. Farm production they were trying to limit food.

Does this program fall under the Relief, Recovery, or Reform program of Roosevelt's New Deal?

It what successful, because the supplies of crops decreased and the prices rose which was considered the most successful program.
Agricultural Adjustment Act

Main points

  • Roosevelt plan paid farmers for any crops produced.
  • Supreme court said that the AAA was unconstitutional.
  • Farmers were burning their crops and would still get money for it.
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How successful do you believe this program was at relieving the economic crisis?

I believed it was successful, because it help a lot of people survive. They had limited supplies of food and their was enough for everyone to eat even thought lot of people died in the dust bowl.

How does this program add to your understanding of the Great Depression?

This makes me understand the Great Depression because the president was already in office and after 2 years it was when the AAA happened.

Does this program still exist today?

Yes, it still exist but their was a changed in 1938 and now and days their is a large number of law and government program that help farmers in different type of ways.