Regions to survive the ZOMBIES!!!

Which region would you choose?

Coastal Plain

The Coastal Plain stretches along the Atlantic ocean and boarders the Gulf of Mexico. I has wide lowlands ,excellent harbors and also long sandy beaches. I would rate this region a 9 because it has long beaches, it wont be that hard to travel because in the coastal plain its flat and not rocky. In this place the zombie would get faster to you but you are able to get transportation and there are also water ways to travel. A bad thing is that the water is usually salty and not fresh water. For food you could go hunting, you could hunt for deer and you could go fishing.

Applachain Highlands

be Appalachian Highlands is located est of the coastal plains and extends from eastern Canada to western Alabama, it also includes piedmont. They had eroded mountains, they are also the oldest mountains in north America. The Appalachian mountains run through the Appalachian highlands. I would rate this region a because of everything they have lakes and rivers. This region is almost the same as the Coastal Plain region. The water in the Appalachian mountains is also salt water. I think there's a 50, 50 percent chance that the zombie will and will not get you. The fat lands and the ocean are all goo for transportation and for hunting and fishing food.

Canadian Shield

The Canadian shield wraps around the southern portions of the Hudson Bay and the great lakes. When you look at it on a map it kinda looks like a horseshoe, and also a shield. hills worn by erosion and hundreds of lakes carved by melted glaciers. Some of the oldest rock formations in North America. All of the Great lakes are found in the Canadian Shield. I would rate this region a 10 because of all the stuff it has available for us the zombie would chase after you and also get stuck because of the rock formations. I think this is a good region because the great lakes are fresh water and you are able to drink that water. The lakes are also goof for the food because you could go out fishing.