Senior Citizen Day

C.C. Winn High school

What Happenes On This Day

The events that occur on this day is that the students and the staff members from the school dress up as an elderly person for the day. Many students from CCWINN took part in this event by dressing up, doing dramatic makeup, and elaborating their costumes by adding probs like glasses, canes, and walkers.
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the purpose of the event

the purpose of this event was for all students and teachers to dressed up as a old people, this day was taken in the last monday to celebrate the homecoming week. all week the students and staff dressed up to the according day of the week, we had a lot of people dressed up as oldies in this amazing day.
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Goodbye Seniors!!!

At the end of the day over half of the CCWINN students and staff members ended up participating in this outstanding event! There were grandmas and grandpas all over the schools, it even seemed as if they were teachers themselves. In conclusion this day was a huge success with all the faculty and student body being there future elderly selves for a day.