"We The People"

Sahkiya Olatunji

We The People By Jill Scott

Almighty king GRIOT


We the people want to step


Towards fress


We want to digest


LOVE our minds

With skill

With your stories

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Creative + talented

Come on B

We want B

Than wrist

Than shine

The sum of your dimes

The rims that rewind

When the car stops


We the people have spoken


The speaker begins the poem addressing a griot , who is a storyteller of history in a traditional African tribe, as well as a poverty queen. The speaker begins to speak for and as "the people" and they want to know their history and not just a taste, all of it. The stories are also said to range in subject matter.

The poem does not tell a story. Impatince is conveyed by the speaker. The poem is being told to the idea of a holder of knowledge. they are speaking to the Griotand the Queen Poetess. I think the speaker gives a reason for you not to trustthem. The tone is very passionate. The reader has to read it with a sense of understanding as well as rhythm. The words that are capitilized as well as the last line gives of passion.

The poem is a free form. I think the poet wanted a little more creative freedom. The poem starts off with the speaker addressing 2 people and ends it by sternly ending the request. The ideas are developed through free association. The poem transition moods from interested to passionate along with a little impatince. There are 2 complicated sentances. Most adjectives are discriptive and in front of the noun. There are a couple of periods throughout the poem ,and it also contains many enjabments. The title is symbolic and it is a symbolic and it is a directly related who the speaker is speaking for.

The language is informal. Phrases like the following really stood out to me because of the context and connotation of the language: "king GRIOT" (Line 1), "Queen POETESS" (Line 2), "Toward fresh- ness" (Line 5-6) , "LOVE our minds" ( Line 11). "Almighty King GRIOT" (Line 1) was also an allusion to an african tribe storyteller. The figurative language enhances the emotions of the poem.

There is no rhyme sceme, although there is alot of regular rythm. The other sound effects add to the emphasis.

Information on Jill

Jill Scott is a Grammy Award-winning recording artist who's also a poet and actress, known for roles in The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency and Steel Magnolias. Born on April 4, 1972, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jill Scott performed in a Canadian production of Rent before releasing her debut album, Who Is Jill Scott?. She has since released several more albums and earned three Grammy Awards as of 2013 while also working as an actress, starring in projects like Why Did I Get Married?, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency andSteel Magnolias.

Comparison to Starry Night

I am comparing "We The People" to Starry Night By Van Gogh because of the passion they both share. While the speaker in "We The People" passion is for knowledge of the peoples history, the passion Van Gogh had was of night time. This painting was painted 2 weeks before his death. It is said to be the view of his asylum window.