Library LitCamp

Presented by South Brunswick School District

In collaboration with NJASL and Rutgers University School of Communication & Information

Supporting Literacy in a Connected World

Ignite Learning

Join us on Saturday, May 7 at Crossroads North Middle School in South Brunswick
from 8:30 AM till 3:00 PM for our literacy unConference! Educators, school librarians, and administrators are invited to participate in this day of discussion around the ways we support learners in the development of their literacy skills. Whether you want to explore tips for teaching information literacy, would like to share your success with print literacy, or are wondering about ways to address other kinds of literacies, this day is for you.

No keynotes, no panels, no spectators allowed! Come and share even if you did not submit a topic. Our focus is on networking, informal peer-to-peer learning, PLN building and sharing!
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Participant-driven conversations

Celebrations and Concerns

Professional growth, networking

Culminating Ignite session


8:30-11:30 Morning sessions

11:30-12 Ignite Session

12:00-1:00: Lunch* (NJASL members are invited to attend a NJASL Membership meeting during the lunch session)

1:00-2:00: Afternoon sessions

2:00-3:00: Lit Parade session, raffle, giveaways

Help us get ready!

For the unConf: Think of conversations you'd like to lead or participate in or ideas you just want to discuss or an idea you'd like to incubate and share them on sticky notes. We can start the planning on this Padlet.

For the Ignite session: What are your best strategies for teaching literacy? Share your best lesson or program idea. What are some resources you love? Add a slide (or slides) to our Lit Parade slideshow to share our best literacy ideas.

Spread the word: #LibLitCamp

On your sticky notes, you can share:

I want to discuss . .
I want to know more about . .
I can lead a conversation about . .
I have an incubator idea and I'd love feedback on . . .
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The Rules

The protocols and norms of the unconference or open space conference movement:
  • No keynotes and no panels!
  • The focus is on informal peer-to-peer learning, PLN building, and sharing.
  • If a conversation does not move you, apply the rule of two feet. Simply move on.
  • Everyone gets a chance to speak, especially newcomers!
  • All ideas are welcomed.
  • Want more unconference background?

Join us

Saturday, May 7th, 8:30am-3pm

Crossroads North Middle School, 635 Georges Road, Monmouth Junction, NJ, 08852

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