Welcome To A New World

By: Bilal Khan

Social Effects

Increased anxiety, doubt and conflicts among African groups unfortunate as the Africans were capturing and selling their own people into slavery to meet the Europeans demand for slaves.

Language: the language of many African tribes were mixed with European language thereby forming new languages. One such language is the Swahili
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Political effects

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade contributed to the instability as well as the expansion of politics in Africa.

There was the distribution of ammunition in Central and West Africa which helped with the military and political supremacy of tribes in Africa.

Political Alliances were betrayed between slave traders and African leaders. These Alliances enabled the rulers to establish authority over their counterparts.

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How did the plantation system work in the New World (What cash crops were produced?

Once slaves arrived in the New World they were forced to work in harsh conditions on plantations growing sugar and indigo and work in gold and silver mines.

Cash crops like tobacco and cotton really fueled the slavery.

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How did slaves resist?

Slave resistance took many different forms. Passive resistance included being late for work, working slowly or pretending to not understand owners. Active resistance included attacking owners, damaging crops or running away. The success of slave resistance was generally based on two issues, reduced profits for the owner and better treatment for the slaves. However slave resistance was not always effective, for five main reasons punishments, duration of slavery, likelihood of capture for escaped slaves, problems for slaves and owner profits
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