My everyday hero

Pablo Pineda

Who is Pablo Pineda?

Pablo Pineda is a spanish teacher, presenter, writer and actor. He is famous because he has Down'syndrome, and he is a very good example of overcoming.
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My cousin has this syndrome, and I know how it can be, for this reason I think that Pablo Pineda is like a hero, because he hasn´t got the same skills.

At work

He works as a teacher. A typical working day for a teacher means starting work at 9.00 am and finishing at 15.00 pm.

At work he has to do conferences about his disability. He won “La concha de plata” for the best actor.

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I would like to be a teacher, writer, actor... because I think that are interesting jobs . I wouldn’t prefer to be a famous sport start because I think that be very famous is so tired.