nutrition is fab

by Madds & Kimmy

If you want to be fabulous like Pewdiepie here are the steps to almost become as cool as him

first of all you can't, but you can eat nutritious food. There is a food pyramid that you should eat every day and that consist of protein, vegetables, fruit, oil, wheat and dairy.
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how your diet can affect you and your four parts of health

First of all you need to know the basics, like what types of health are there/ Well to answer that question there are four, like there is mental, emotional, physical and social, and food can affect all of that. Unhealthy food can also make you feel bad as well it can make you fat and slow and want to sleep a ton, so there are pros and cons to eating food. For example food fuels the way you act and feel, dealing with you physical and emotional health. Food can also amp you up and give you energy to talk to people which helps with your mentalness, maybe talking to certain people can make you feel healthy. Then there is unhealthy food, and it comes swinging into full view, you really don't want to eat those chips but they taste too dang good, am I right? So then you eat the chips and you're laying on your bed taking a nap, keeping you away from being social and talking to people, and maybe you don't want to talk to people sense the chips are making you mental health all sacked and especially your appearance. you look unhealthy, so now you want to work out but eating those 3 pounds of chips keep you from being active.

How can healthy eating achieve the budget.

this helps, because homemade food is more proactive and healthier for you and the environment. These types of foods will affect you by making you faster, stronger more awake and alert. Rather when buying chips, sweets etc. The taste is so addicting that when you eat these types of things you will keep wanting more and more. this can create tones of fat and make you slothful.