Tim Berners-Lee and Alen Turing

The Founders of the internet

Alan Turing

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Alan Turning was an english mathematicion and logicai. He was born in london on the 23 of June 1912, hi sparents lived in India untill 1925 because of his fathers work but Alan decided to remain in britain.

He attended cambridge university and began to think of the idea of a machine that could read information and copy, store and retrive impotant things. He became a wartime code-breaker and his machines contibuted a great ammount to the breaking of German codes.

However after the war his was arrested and tried for being gay in 1952 as it was illegal in the uk at that time, he had to optians, he could either be put in prison or be chemically castrated.

He took the ingections for a year but then on the 7th of june he commited suicide.