Important inventions of their era

Plus their inventors!

The Bessemer Process

The Bessemer Process although discovered by William Kelly, Henry Bessemer discovered it as well, and patented it. The Bessemer process is a process in which faults in iron is removed through oxidation.

The Typewriter

Christopher Sholes invented the type writer in 1873 and it created a large amount of jobs for women.

The Telephone

The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. He drew up the idea of communication over electrical currents in 1874. His invention allowed for a major advancement in the business industry as well as personal communication.

The Camera

George Eastman in 1884 came up with the first roll of film and patented it. A few years after, in 1888 he patented the first hand held camera. Naming it the Kodak.

Telegraph, Electricity, Phonograph and the Electric Light Bulb

All of these inventions were invented by one man. Thomas Edison. In 1882 his most important invention was put into place. Electricity. By 1889 he formed the well know company known as General Electric.

AC vs DC Electrical Currents

George Westinghouse while most know for his air-brake system allowing for trains to be stopped all on one break, he is also responsible for the idea of AC and DC currents. AC (alternating current) powers homes and businesses. DC (direct current) is power from batteries.