Social Needs

Dylanie O'Gorman

The Parent needs to understand basic social skills

Children need to co-operate with others in work, in play, and in other manners. If the child doesn't learn this then it will have difficulties growing up in social environments. It can be and outcast, rude, or just shy. Also encourage sharing and being considerate to others.

Children Need Positive Love and Affection

Its proven that children who fail to receive the love from their parents may grow up with social flaws. They need to know they are loved to help their self esteem and ability to communicate with others.

Robert Coles

You'll Be happy because you'll feel accomplished

What are some key goals?

  • love your child
  • show affection
  • have a happy child
  • have a healthy child
  • push your child to succeed
  • have a trusting relationship with your child
  • and again, love your child