Quitters, Inc.

Stephen King

Plot Line

This is the story about a man who is trying to quit smoking, Jimmy McCann is a man who struggled with addiction but got over it. Dick Morrison was friends with him in collage. Morrison is an addict he was been overworking, over heating, and smoking to much. Morrison is going to Miami for a conference. Jimmy inspired Morrison because he quit smoking all by his self. He tells Morrison about an agency that helped him quit smoking and gave him a business card for Quitters, Inc., which Morrison just puts in his wallet.


The theme of this story is to make good choices or it could led to bad things very quickly because they imposed quitting cigarettes or having the consequence of losing something important.

Character Information

Dick Morrison is a man that is struggling with addiction with smoking and he is trying to get help at Quitters, Inc but he has a problem

Major Conflict

Morrison has been caught smoking and Quitter Inc. takes it to a extreme to taking the people you love to stop smoking, they took his family away from him to make him stop smoking and if you do smoke.... well... They apply a high voltage to your wife, the second time you get it, the third you both do, fourth time your son is worked over.... things get more serious each time you smoke. (They will do anything to get you to stop)

Literary Devices

This story has a lot of imagery because the writing is so vivid. I could really read this story very well and the amount of detail was amazing and I could follow the story great.