Sharks can cure breast cancer

By: Dr. Swedenklef


A study is being done by biologists from the University of Aberdeen in hope for a possible cure for breast cancer. The investigation follows igNAR antibodies found in sharks blood. These antibodies have been found to stop the cancer cells from growing in sharks and hopefully can do the same in human bodies.

How it works

Sharks blood contains igNAR, a receptor called antigen in sharks immune systems. igNAR works by attaching itself to viruses, it is very small and so can fit into spaces that human antibodies can't. Biologists believe that this could be the cure for HER-2 positive cancers, a type of cancer that 1 in 4 breast cancer sufferers would have according to research.

Problems and solutions


A problem to this study is that if it does work, we will have to kill sharks to get its blood. if this problem doesn't get solved the food chain will be unbalanced also there will be nothing to protect the coral reefs. The world will have dirty air and water, with more severe floods, droughts and wildfires. this will happen because the coral reef is our best natural weapon against global warming, but if there are no sharks to protect it, we might as well just kiss our normal, balanced life goodbye. An economic problem to this if that if sharks go extinct, the fish underneath sharks in the food chain will overpopulate. This means that the fish that get eaten by the overpopulated species will become extinct as well, as there will not be enough of them in comparison. So let's say that sharks eat tuna, the tuna overpopulate, the tuna eat flying fish. There will be no more flying fish left, so people making their money by selling them will go out of business.

So in conclusion, if sharks will die out and the world will be unbalanced. Also, since shark finning is happening, they will go extinct even faster.


Instead of killing individual sharks you can take a syringe and take samples from different sharks. A disadvantage of this solution is that if you have to go from shark to shark, it will take a very long time and the people who need it might not get it in time. This is a good solution for testing and samples, but if the cure works there will be a high demand for it and people will resort to killing sharks to get lots of blood at one time.


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