Be in LOVE with your LIFE &

Your Stella & Dot BUSINESS!!!!

The Stella Stars had a fabulous kick off to the New Year! In January we added 25 new Stylists to the Stella Stars team and had 39 Stylists qualified with 325+ PCV. If this activity is any indication of the LEGENDARY year you are creating, then all I can say is:



LOVE YOUR BOOKINGS!! 10 Giveaways...10 Days in a its the Tia Crossbody and the Zora! All for actions! Who's doing this with me? I'm starting right now! I'm not complicating it...I'm following what HO says to do.

Share your results for this challenge in the Stylist Success Tips FB Page!


Warm Up Those Prospective Hostesses:

SHARE: Digital Look Book - US | CA
WHO: Contact your top 10 past customers!
HOW: Log onto the Lounge and:
Click on “My Business” on the top hand navigation
Select the “Contacts” link
Click on “Top Purchasers” on the left hand navigation
Select the 10 purchasers you’d like to email by checking the box in front of their name
Click “Send Email” at the top of the page and share the following email message:
Dear Rachel,

Love is in the air and I’d love to help you find something special for someone special - and who is more special than YOU? I can see you rocking the new Sardinia Necklace now - and later when it warms up too! Check it out on page 12 in our Spring 2014 Collection (LINK HERE to the Digital LB). We could have a few friends over to share the spring style and some fun, or pick out some great gifts for you for Valentine’s Day. Plus, we have a “Romantically Chic” special for Trunk Show guests only - you’ll love them! I’ll give you a call tomorrow to see which you like best!

Paula Hayes
Follow Up With Those Prospective Hostesses:
Use these words in 1-2 days when you personally connect to follow up and call your prospective Hostesses!

“Hi Rachel,

We just launched our Spring 2014 Collection - it’s the perfect time to beat the winter blahs by having a few people over to learn how to add color to your wardrobe that will carry you right into spring and I’ve got a few dates available. Shall we spend a fun couple of hours with friends and boost your accessories wardrobe for FREE and 50% off? Let’s do it early so friends can shop for daughters, mothers and sisters for Valentine’s Day too!”

“Yes? Let’s start on your Wish List, and I’ll help you build your guest list and create all the invitations for you! We have a great start up special for new Stylists this month too - a free bag! I’ll send you a picture, and we can talk more about it. I think you’d love being a Stylist too. I’ll send you a link to a webinar to watch for fun - just in case you’re thinking of something fun for this new year!”
“No? No problem! I’d love to be your personal Stylist in 2014. I’ll put you on my monthly email list and send you a fun update once a month so you’ll always know what’s new! And if you’d like to earn it FREE with friends any time, just let me know! By the way, we have an amazing Style event happening this month near you - I’d love to invite you to see the collection there too and learn some style tips for spring. I’ll send you details!”

Let's SHARE the LOVE....

Reach out to customers, prospective hostesses and anyone that you want to sponsor this month. Here are some cute images to share via social media, texts, or email. Here's a cute Valentine's Day wishlist to email or pass out at trunk shows

Home Office has set us up for another fabulous month with the February New Stylist Sign Up Special, Trunk Show Exclusive Offers, Words To Say, Training Calls and the Brighten Your Life Tour. Be sure to check out all these great new online resources as well as these videos and links to help you book, sell & sponsor:

I hope you all have been doing the 100 booking call challenge. The more boxes that you fill in on this chart the more connections you'll have for filling up your pipeline for booking, selling and sponsoring. Just remember that the grass is not greener on the other side, it's greener where you are watering it. Are you doing what it takes to make your Stella & Dot business as green as it can be? NO ONE can move your business forward but YOU! I dare you to pick up the phone at least 10 times by the end of today and then 10 time for every day after that until you have the entire chart filled out and see if something amazing doesn't happen. Make a 100 calls/contacts and I guarantee that your business will be transformed! Hop over to our team Facebook page to see the fun incentive that we're doing for a May Designs Planner with our cute S&D brandingjust for participating in the challenge.

January Top SELLERS!!

KUDOS to the Stella Stars top 10 in sales for January:

Lynn Cooper $6,011.77

Andrea Sharp $5,964.74

Jennifer Davis $2,438.50

Lisa Kent $1,806.00

Amy Alfieri $1,716.10

Sharon Metcalfe $1,652.91

Rebecca Dietzen $1,422.42

Christina Andrus $1,380.00

Margaret Cook $946.90

Holly Vassallo $713.00

Team Promotions!

These Stylists are leading the way to loving their lives and sharing the S&D love as our newest LEAD STYLISTS:

Holly Vassallo - Sacramento, CA
Lyndsey Cathey - Port St. Joe, FL

Top Qualified New Recruits in January!

Lynn Cooper - 4
Megan Cobb - 1

Let's fill February with LOVE!!!!

xoxo, Lynn