Nord's Newsletter

September 28 - October 2, 2015


Our essential question for the week is "How can problem solving lead to new ideas?" We will be talking about people who came up with new inventions when investigating and trying to solve a problem.

The text structure cause and effect will be our comprehension skill for the week. Students will learn to identify clue words and phrases in cause and effect situations. These clue words and phrases are because, so, and as a result.

We will continue to work on asking and answering questions. When students are reading informational text, often they come across something they don't understand. I will encourage them to ask questions about the story as they read and then look for the answers in the text. Doing so will help them understand the story better.


Students will record their spelling list in their planners on Monday. The words this week all have long a pattern. They can practice their list of words doing a pattern sort using the following headers: -ay, -ai, -eigh, -ey, a_e.


Our focus this week in math will primarily be on writing number stories (or as you know as story problems). Each day will build off each other but by the end of the week, students should be able to solve a multi-step math problem. There will be a lot of practice with this and by breaking a part the problem, looking for "key" words to let the student know which operation to use to solve the problem.


As I'm writing this newsletter, I keep looking out our front door to view the lunar eclipse. Click the link to see an animation of the eclipse.
In class, we will continue to study the sun using our National Geographic science book.

**Even though it was cloudy several days last week, we were able to do an inquiry lesson. In the photo are 2 cups, one cup was in the shade and the other one in the sun. The students recorded the temperature of each cup after an hour. Then for the 2nd hour, both cups were placed in the shade. The students noticed the cup that was in the sun, then moved to the shade, lost heat.
Alexander and his dad let our class borrow these "sun helmets" to view the sun. We had to wait til Friday to use them since the sun hid behind the clouds from Tuesday - Thursday. The class was totally excited to see the sun appear like a green glowing object in the sky. Thanks Alexander for letting your friends see the sun safely with these helments!!!

Brag Tags

Brag Tags are a classroom incentive system I use to encourage, promote, and celebrate positive behavior. Your child can earn these for positive behavior and choices that he/she makes during the school day and exceeds expectations. Some of these may include: 100% on a test, Helping Others, Good Listening, etc. I strongly believe in positive reinforcement in my classroom and this is one method that we will use this year to encourage the positive choices and hard work. The tags are placed on a necklace that is kept at school and will be brought home at the end of the school year.

**In the photo are the Brag Tags that were given this past week. Friday morning, I announce who has earned a Tag(s) for the week.

Up-Coming Week

Monday: Art & Library
Tuesday: PE
Wednesday: *Late Start* Music
Thursday: Guidance & Computers
** RAW @1:30 getting ready, race @ 2:15**
Friday: PE

Author Tyler Whitesides

As you know, Tyler Whitesides made his appearance at Webster this week. He shared his book series Janitors and the students were totally "hooked" into his books. Tyler gave an awesome presentation and several students from our class went to Barns & Noble to purchase his book(s). It was a popular book signing event as the students said they waited over an hour to have him sign his books. It is very exciting to see the students become eager to read these books.

**Below is Olivia with Tyler Whitesides.
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