A World of Industrialization

By: Josh S.

Opium War

The Chinese tried to suppress opium trade in China and made it illegal. The British then retaliated against the Chinese in attempts to open it up and gain money again. The treaty of Nianjang released countries such as Vietnam and Korea from Chinese rule due to their loss against Britain.

Qing Rulers

Qing rulers realized that reform was necessary so they began to build a new Confucian state. They began to adopt foreign technology and techniques in order to reform a dwindling government.

Tokugawa Japan

Foreign pressures such as the U.S and other countries began to demand trade from Japapn. This undermined their current Tokugawa ruling system and lead to their eventual decline. These changes lead to the Meiji period and resulted in the destruction of Tokugawa Japan and its policies.

Meiji Restoration

Meiji rule eventually occurred and brought an end to military governments. Trade became more widespread and the goal of the country became to gain riches and prosperity. They also sent individuals abroad for education that lead to a better country.