Successes of the Republic

Julius Caesar

Crossing the Rubicon

On 10 January 49 BC, leading an army, General Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River, the boundary between the Gaul province, to the north, and Italy proper, to the south, a legally-proscribed action forbidden to any army-leading general. The proscription protected the Roman Republic from a coup d'etat thus, Caesar's military action began a civil war.

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Olema's Reaction

On that faithful day I watched as Julius Caesar and his troops rushed with force through the Rubicon River into the city of Rome. i was enraged with fear and pain that our land would be destroyed but later on i realized that he wasn't there to harm the people, he was there to relieve their pain.

he later on Expanded citizenship to more citizens outside of Rome, expanded the Senate to 900 allowing more to serve and rewarding his followers, and many more amazing achievements.

My Opinion

In my opinion, Julius Caesar made history and changed the way society moved from that day on.

He got the attention of the Roman people returned to Rome and was named dictator for ten years. Caesar ruled with the support of the army and the poor citizens of Rome.


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