Lord of the Flies Project

By: Josh Woyt

Different Types of Governments

In Lord of the Flies Jacks tribe resembles a totalitarian government. Jack wants to gain all the power on the island and have all control over everyone.
A Totalitarian government is a government that seeks to subordinate the individual to the state by controlling not only all political and economic matters, but also the attitudes, values and beliefs of its population. (LiveScience)
  • "The group of cloaked boys began to scatter from close line. The tall boy shouted at them. "Choir! Stand still!" (Ch. 1 Pg. 20)

Ralph's tribe resembles a Democracy government. In Ralph's type of government he was voted into power and the group would vote on decisions made for the group.
A Democracy government is a a form of government in which the supreme power is retained by the people, but which is usually exercised indirectly through a system of representation and delegated authority periodically renewed. (LiveScience)
  • "Vote for chief!" "Lets vote--"... Every hand outside of the choir raised their hands." (Ch. 1 Pg. 23-24)
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My Type of Government on the Island

If i were to be stuck on an island the government that i would choose would be an absolute monarchy. I would choose this type of government as the most effective because if you look at the book they tried two different types of government and neither were very good. In an absolute monarchy there would still be one person in charge to take control of the group. Also i feel there would be so much chaos on the island that the people would be running around with no way of gaining control of them.
  1. No murder
  2. Everybody does an equal share of work
  3. There will be a designated bathroom area for everyone to use
  4. Everyone who helps the group has the right to the food and housing
  5. Everyone has the freedom of speech
  6. No stealing form others
  7. No fighting
  8. There will be no false accusations of another person trying to get them in trouble
  9. Trading will be the main source of currency
  10. Everybody will vote on a decision before it is made

On the island a leader will be chosen by a majority vote of the group. In the whole group I would split the group into subgroups based on the persons expertise. Such as if a couple would be good at building they would be a subgroup and if a few were good at hunting they would be a subgroup. Everyone in the group is allowed to help put in ideas to help the group, however their decision will be voted on and may or not come into play. There is one leader and every year there will be a re-election to get a new leader or keep the same one.

To help enforce the rules there will be a couple punishments if rules are broken. The first rule, no murder, if broken will result in banishment. The banished person has three days to figure a way off the island. However, if the murder is justified, such as self-defense then it will result in a five day quarantine. The rest of the rules at first offence is a 3 day quarantine. A second offence will result in a five day quarantine and a swift beating. A third offence will result in banishment off the island.

History of In- Fighting-- The Hutus and the Tutsies

The conflict between the Hutu and the Tutsis affected the population because it scared everyone in the entire country. The war made everyone question who they were just to stay safe from the slaughter of both the groups.
The land was affected by the war because of all the killings around the country. The Tutsis were wealthier and liked to raise cattle. The cattle business was affected from that. (About News)
The government was affected by the war because the control of the government continued to switch back and forth between the Hutu and the Tutsis overthrowing each other. (About News)
"The chief said we got to challenge everyone." (Ch. 10 Pg. 159) In this quote it shows how Jack is telling his tribe to challenge everyone that tries to enter castle rock. This is like the war between the Hutu and the Tutsis because the two groups were always checking which side you were on. On their passports it said either Hutu or Tutsis and that determined where you were allowed to go or not. This is the same as Jacks tribe checking everyone and seeing whether or not they were apart of his group or not.


Inferences and Current Political Conflict-- The Venazuela Conflict

The conflict in Venezuela has effected the population by increasing inflation in the oil-dependent economy. The economy has declined dramatically. Protests have broken out to take down their leader, Nicolás Maduro, and during the protests police used widespread violence to break them up. (GCT)

During the conflict there were a lot of violence between police and protesters. the violence led to a lot of damage to the city.

The conflict had the Human Rights Watch get involved to face the over one hundred and fifty cases of abuse during the conflict. The United States then passed legislation to impose actions on Venezuelan officials involved in the violence against protesters. The conflict could have threaten U.S. economic and regional interests. (GCT)


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