Ariana Brassart

Ceramics 1

lizard mug

I created this peice the way I did because when having to choose a design for a mug the frist thing that can to mind was a tree trunk. Then i needed a handle and i wanted a lizard to be the handle. i also included mushrooms on the outside so it wouldnt be plain ,and a ladybug is on the inside so when you take a drink you see a bug in the cup. i had alot of fun with this and i think that shows in my art.


I created a boot because I live in the country, and it would fit the perfect theme of my room. i wanted it to be just like my favorite pair of boots so i brought one in to make it exact. i wanted all the detials to be in it. i worked really hard and im very glad with how everything turned out.

Art Critique 1

i can see that there is a man who is only looking at the ground. one of the elements used in this peice is shape because the man is made out of shapes. another element shown in this is form the man is 3 demintional. the last element is texture the mans hair and pants appear to be like they have texture. the principle that is shown is unity everything is in the correct spot and has a place to be. i think the art peice is of a slave who is losing hope and doesnt feel like he has anywhere to go. i also think this is a successful peice baecause it means something. and has historical significance.

Critique 2

i cant identify what the object is i just think it is used to hold something inside of it. the elements used are shape, form, and texture. the peice has a definet base shape. it also had form. by the way it looks i think it has texture. i dont really like this peice as well as the other one. i feel like it was just thrown together.