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Week of May 9, 2016

Our Vision

The Lincoln/Madison Feeder Pattern prepares scholars to lead, think, communicate and compete as responsible citizens who are college and career bound.

Game Time!

This week is Game Time for our elementary schools. Our students will be administered their final round of STAAR tests for the regular school year. Our teachers and staff have worked diligently to prepare the students, and now it is all up to our students to stand and deliver. Our thoughts and prayers go out to each school for a successful week of testing.

Together, we are game changers for our students, schools and communities. I believe that we have everything that we need to win; in fact we are already victorious. I believe that each of our schools will meet standard with an increase in distinctions. I urge you to believe with me.

Momentous Institute Training- May 16-17

As leaders, we have identified a need to support teachers in addressing the social/emotional needs of our students. We saw specific strategies in action during our tour of the Momentous Institute, and now we are bringing trainers from Momentous to our feeder to train our teachers directly. The training will be held on May 16- 17 at Lincoln High School. Each school may select 12 teachers/administrator to attend. We will also invite other stakeholders to train alongside our teachers. Please register your team using the link below:

PS. The Lincoln Tiger Den Restaurant will be open for business during the 2 days of training. More information to come.

Nine Days Remain for SLOs/Extended and Summative Evaluations

Each school has shared their plan for completing extended and summative evaluations. Please make sure that you are sticking to your plans for completion prior to the deadline. When I come by this week, please pull up Schoolnet for my review. Thanks!

Principal and Assistant Principal Evaluations

As was discussed in our feeder meeting, the timeline for the system reviews will begin May 24 and end June 9. Please note that you should be following the same timeline with evaluating your APs. As has been true in the past, the first meeting will be a 2 hour meeting where you will be able to present your binder to support your self rating. Feel free to invite your leadership team to this meeting, and note that the APs will receive the same systems review score as the principal. Because the systems review provides an overview of the leadership team, it makes sense that the scores should be the same. Please check out the link below for more information on principal and AP evaluations.

Madison Collegiate Academy has over 170 to Apply

As of Friday, more than 170 students from across the district had applied for 100 spots in the Madison Collegiate Academy. Applications were received from at least 5 charter school and districts such as Mesquite and Cedar Hill.

Madison High School is partnering with El Centro College to open a Collegiate Academy in August 2016. Applications are still being accepted through May 6. In order to apply, parents may register online at the link below:

The Collegiate Academy at Madison is a wonderful opportunity for students seeking to change the trajectory of their lives. Participating students will have the opportunity to earn up to 60 hours of college credit which can lead to an Associates of Applied Science while at the same time earning their high school diploma. All of this is being offered for FREE and transportation to the school will be provided.

Literacy Cadre Dates

The final dates for the K-2 Cadre are as follows:

May 18

May 26

All sessions are held at Rhoads E.S. from 3:45-5:15. Thank you so much for your commitment to lifelong learning!

New Teacher Survey

On or before April 6, 2016, each principal should have received a survey link from TEA. This mandatory survey will assist the State with measuring the effectiveness of Texas-based teacher prep programs. Principals will complete a 10-15 minute survey on each first year teacher ( not new to Dallas). In order to qualify, the new teacher must have completed at least 5 months in the position. If you are an interim principal or for some reason you did not received the survey, please send an email to The deadline for completing the survey is June 15. Let's ensure 100% completion.

Leadership Focus and Updates

Please continue to work diligently to complete your spot observations. TEI deadlines are as follows:

5/19 Score SLOs/last day to enter extended/summatives

5/23 Rebuttal window opens

6/2 Last day for spots

This week, I will be stopping by each school to ensure that the testing environments are conducive for a successful day of testing.

On the Horizon

May 2-29 Districtwide Climate Surveys

May 2-27- ISIP monthly testing

May 9- 11 Second round STAAR (elementary)

May 13- Deadline for Reading Intervention selection form

May 13- Last day to approve purchase requisitions/service center orders

May 16-17- Momentous Institute Training @ Lincoln

May 16-19 Senior Exams

May 18- K-2 Literacy Cadre at Rhoads 3:45-5:15

May 18-26 Elementary ACPs

May 19- Score SLOs/ Enter Summatives and Extendeds into Schoolnet

May 23- June 6 Teacher TEI Rebuttal window

May 25-K-2 Literacy Cadre at Rhoads 3:45-5:15

June 2- Last Day for spots

June 10- Last day to submit requisitions/campus activity funds closed

Our Feeder Leaders