We are so excited about Kindness/Friendship Week! Each day we will focus on what it means to be a true friend, the healthy aspects of friendship, and spreading kindness to all. Please see below for attachments for video clips about kindness and friendship. Feel free to share one each day. We will have our RED BALLOON LAUNCH immediately following GMP. I will send out specific information on Monday. For grades 2-5, I will place small mailing label sheets in your box. Each one will have the student name on it. Students will write an act of kindness on the label. On Friday, once they receive their balloon, he/she will attach the label to the string by folding in half, or on the balloon. We will then release the balloons as a whole campus. The visual will serve as a reminder of how our acts of kindness can spread beyond our school and community and make a difference.

Friendship and Kindness Week

Each day we will have a theme. I think the students will really enjoy the week.

MONDAY-"Make someone SMILE DAY!" Smiles are contagious! Share one with all you meet

TUESDAY-"Tell someone something KIND!" Words do matter! Give a compliment to students and staff

WEDNESDAY-"Write a note Wednesday!" Everyone loves a kind handwritten note! Share a few with friends and family.

THURSDAY-"SAY THANK YOU THURSDAY!" Let people know how you appreciate them-say THANK YOU!

FRIDAY-"FRIENDSHIP FRIDAY!" Find a new person to sit by at lunch or play with on the playground. Friendships are formed by simple acts of KINDNESS!

We will have a RED BALLOON release immediately following Good Morning Purefoy on February 12th. The balloons will represent our commitment to KINDNESS and COMPASSION. More information to come!

During the Valentine's Party students will participate in activities that will benefit others. From Blessing Packs to Valentine's Cards, Purefoy students will be involved in helping others!

Sesame Street - "What Is Friend?" (film version)