By: Ruhi Deshmukh

Religous Persecution

A. Saudi Arabia

B. They are fleeing because the practice of any other religions besides Islam is strictly forbidden.

C. Most of those citizens are fleeing to the US because freedom of religion is one of the many qualities here.

Ethnic Persecution

A. Sudan

B. They are leaving because the Islamic based government dosen't approve of the practices of a Sudanese mountain tribe.

C. They flee to anyplace that allows them to express freedom of religion

Environmental factors

A. Gambia

B. They are leaving Gambia because there's been a lot of climate change lately which is causing a decrease in food population.

C. They are fleeing to anyplace that has better climate conditions and more area to farm or produce food.

Economic motives

A. Ghana

B. People are leaving Ghana since it has a really bad economy and it's just getting worse. It is considered one of the poorest countries in the world.

C. They are being drawn to other countries in Africa with better economies and job opportunities then Ghana.

Political Factors

A. North Korea

B. North Korea is a dictatorship ruled by a dictator that is controlling their lives. The dictator is the main Government.

C. They want to leave North Korea, but are not allowed to. If they could leave they would probably immigrate to the US.

Forced migration

A. South Asia

B. The people are being forced out because of flood that is being caused by the annual heavy monsoon rains.

C. They were forced to go to anywhere with shelters or anywhere that is safe from the flooding and rains.