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Tech PD Thursday @ 3:15pm in the Technology lab

What's on this Thursday?

All of the TaLE interactive objects have been downloaded and organised via a spreadsheet to make them obtainable directly from our school server drive. Come along and find out how easy it is to locate and use these resources.

Websites - A Focus on Numeracy

Interactive Sites for Education

Contains links to interactive resources for just about everything. Here is the direct link to the maths section.

Erich's Puzzle Palace

An amazing bank of puzzles here that would be great for engaging students at the beginning of a lesson or as an enrichment activity. You could even use them as a homework task. There are enough puzzles here to keep you going for years!

Maths Pickle

Looking for an interesting video to introduce a topic or explain it in a real world way? Maths Pickle has videos for K-12 designed to engage and inspire mathematical learning.

Maths Builder

Maths Builder - Sign up for a free month trial and access all resources for free. The Naplan Zone has NAPLAN style numeracy tests which have interactive games attached to each question to provide consolidation on that particular concept.

iPad Apps to try during Maths

Have a Happy Easter everyone!

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