By William, Emma , Christopher, Tristen, Danny, Cadence,

Also by...

ValliAnn, and Evan.

The Issue

According to Webster cyber bullying the use of technology to bully a person. Bullies feel insecure, while sometimes it's inadvertently done. They also verbally abuse others on the internet.Bullies are motivated by anger, revenge, and frustration caused in the real life world. Also teens with the least amount of parental supervision are engaged in the most cyber bullying. This type of bullying allows online oppressors to avoid facing their victims, so it requires less courage and provides the illusion that they won't caught. Suicide, anxiety and depression rate sky-rocketed after the Iphone was released.

Our Goal Statement

We will reduce suicide, anxiety, and depression for children who have sadly been cyberbullied on the internet. By causing awareness of this sad fact we hope to have counseling supplied for both the bullies and the ones who have been bullied.

Take Action

What can you do to take action? stand up against bullies attacking other people instead of just ignoring it. We want to provide therapy or counseling for the bullies and the victims. As a society we can spread awareness of this problem by telling other people about this issue and telling them to spread the word.

What We Learned

William: "Most of the people that cyberbully are caused by something bad in the real life world is happening to them."

Tristen: "Cyber bullying can happen more easily than most think."

Emma: "I learned that not only is cyber bullying depressing, but it also causes suicide and anxiety."

Christopher: " Suicide rates sky-rocketed after the first Iphone was released."

Evan: "I learned that cyber bullying can happen to anybody."

Danny: "I learned that people with less parental supervision engage in the most cyber bullying."

ValliAnn: "What you post is out there for everyone to see, not just your friends."

Cadence: "Cyber bullying can make the happiest person turn into the saddest person."

About Us

We are the Justice Task Team.

Our members are William, Emma, Tristen, ValliAnn, Cadence, Christopher, Danny, Evan.

We chose cuber bullying because we believe it is one of the most important problems for this generation.

One fun fact about us is we love iengage.

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