Sushi Making Party

With Prizes!

Get ready to rock and roll! (Mostly roll)

The time-honored McEdward family tradition is back! Grab your sushi mat, pack up your rice vinegar and stock up on sashimi and tobiko cuz we're going to be feasting on sushi!

Special prizes awarded to Most Attractive Roll (least competitive category - we're expecting trainwrecks) and Most Delicious Roll (most competitive category - begin brainstorming flavor combinations now).

Sushi Making Party

Tuesday, May 14th 2013 at 6:30pm

1540 Northwest 53rd Street

Seattle, WA

We're unit #3 but if the call box is broken, call 352-682-2416

What to Bring

We will be providing rolling mats, rice, rice vinegar, soy sauce, nori, and the usual non-fish fillings (green onions, fried egg, cucumber, avocado, pickled carrot, etc). We'll also provide Japanese beer and the classic Japanese dessert: chocolate chip cookies (we're very traditional).

What you should bring:

Your favorite fish, squid or crab (please bring enough for 2 rolls)

Yummy toppings like tobiko

Any other alcohol you'd like