Edwin Jeans

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Edwin Clothing: Jackets And T-Shirts

A Japanese clothing brand that was founded in 1957, Edwin clothing specialises in jeans, but also makes jackets and t-shirts. Their first store was opened in Arakawa, Tokyo and as of 2002 the company was making 35 billion yen with 365 employees.

History of Edwin Clothing Glasgow

Mr Tsunemi was the founder of Edwin Clothing and he had a love of denim, so much so that the name of his company, if you change the m to a w, is an anagram of denim. When Edwin Clothing first came to be there was no locally manufactured denim available, so Mr Tsunemi would import denim from the United States, and wash and mend it by hand to then sell on to his customers. In 1951 denim became available in Japan, but the quality was inferior to that which Mr Tsunemi had been importing from the United States.

Edwin Jackets

While Edwin Clothing originated as a jeans company they have now also branched into making jackets. In 2012 Blanket Denim was created, a Japanese denim woven from cotton and viscose. This creates a 12.7 oz denim which feels just like a blanket on the inside. This was made just for Edwin Clothing at the Kuroki mill in Japan. Edwin Jackets have made the ‘Ansel Jacket’ as well as the ‘Road Lined Jacket’ from this special Blanket Denim. The Asel Jacket is quite thin while the Road Lined Jacket is a lot thicker and looks a lot warmer. Edwin Clothing has also partnered with the English company Cookson & Clegg to create the 49 Jacket, which is based on a 1940’s denim jacket and has been hand-crafted in England in Lancashire.

For autumn and winter 2014 Edwin also partnered with Alexander Leathers for a new kind of Edwin Jackets. These new jackets are designed to bring the style of leather together with five-pocket denim. Each jacket is hand made by the same person from beginning to end and can take up to four days to be completed. Each Edwin Jacket encompassed Horween Chromexcel leathers, Talon zippers and luxury shearling mouton. The new collection also includes waxed cotton and leather jackets which have also been handmade. The Blitz Racer and the Blitz mark 1 have both been designed as a motorcycle jacket and as well as being handmade are produced from the highest quality materials and leather.

Edwin T-Shirts

As well as making jackets with the Parisian company Blitz Motorcycles, Edwin also made a collection of Edwin T-Shirts for spring and summer 2014. Edwin T-Shirts created a seven piece collection which included six t-shirts. These Edwin T-Shirts were made using washed black as well as off white to create that true motorcycle feel. As well as special collaborations with other designers Edwin T-Shirts make a range of different T-Shirts for both men and women. From cotton to flannel to denim, Edwin T-Shirts now have a t-shirt that will suit a wide variety of styles and needs.

Edwin Clothing has come a long way from where it began as a small company that only made jeans for the Japanese market. As well as their huge range of jeans there are now Edwin Jackets and Edwin T-Shirts available in a wide variety of materials. While denim is still the main material used in Edwin Clothing they have collaborated with a number of other designers to expand their market.