Presidential Flyer

Zach Loring & Erik Eichstadt

Presidential requirements

To become president you have to have three things in order to be able to run for the presidency.You must be at least 35 years old, a resident of the United States for at least 14 years, and a natural born citizen

Benefits of becoming a president

As of 2001 the president's salary is $400,000 dollars, with a $50,000 dollar annual expense account, a $100,000 dollar nontaxable account for traveling, and a $19,000 dollar entertainment account. One big perk the president has is being one of the most well know people in the world. This is because of all the power and things they complete and do as the president of the United States. As president the people and government provide a house, the White House, and a staff to cook, clean, and help you throughout your service as president. In the house there are all sorts of recreational activities to enjoy on your down time, like the pool, movie theater, and bowling alley. You would have your own protection agency called the Secret Service to guard you wherever you are. As president you have access to Air Force One, which is your own private jet or helicopter. Also get the perk of seeing Camp David as you complete one of the best yet hardest jobs in America.

Qualities of a great President

On of the most important qualities for a president to have is intelligence. With the job you have to make a lot of important decisions and also create many important things and services to run the United States. You must also be confident in yourself and decisions you make. You need to be able to trust your decisions and not back down from your beliefs. It also helps to be experienced because you need to be able to relate to the decisions and topics at hand to know what would be best. People have leaned to those president's who have a religious background in some christian denomination. If you have some military experience that also helps your cause greatly to be seen as one to sacrifice your life for the country. Up to this point 3/4 of our past presidents have had some military experience before they were elected president.

Powers of the President!

The Constitution gives the President many powers to use at his disposal.

Under the Constitution the President has the following abilities...


-Command the armed forces

-Ask for the written opinion of the cabinet

-Issue Executive Orders (pretty much laws!)

-Grant reprieves and pardons

-Issue the State of the Union Address

These are the most important parts of the Presidents job. His executive powers allow him to carry out the majority of is duties and allow him to address concerns as he sees fit.


-Receive ambassadors

-Make treaties (with the approval of the Senate)

Judicial Legislative

-Sign or veto legislation

-Convene or adjourn Congress

-Appoint vacancies when Congress is in recess

If I was President...

Suppose I was to take over the office of the president of the United States. In my opinion, ISIS and international terrorism is the biggest problem facing Americans today. ISIS is known for its mass executions and brutality. In November 2015 in Paris, France they used suicide bombings and mass shootings to kill 130 people and wound 389. Needless to say they need to be stopped. As president I would send troops to Syria to assassinate their leader Abu Du'a who has contributed to mass chaos and civil war in Syria and its surrounding neighbors. As President you can send troops without the discretion of the House for up to 60 days and after that point the approval of the Senate is needed to approve the cause of action. I would have to show the ability to take initiative and follow up on intentions. I would have to convince Congress that taking action is a good idea as well so I would have to show an ability to persuade. When the operations would begin I would have to keep the nation updated by addressing them of the concern so I would have to use good speaking and people skills. If I decided that a declaration of war is necessary I would have to get Congress' approval as well.