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October 9th Newsletter

1st Quarter Exam Schedule

Monday, 10/11- Language Arts

Tuesday, 10/12- History and Math

Wednesday, 10/13- Science and Reading

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, Oct. 10 - Van Alstyne Education Foundation Clay Shoot 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM (more information below)
  • Oct. 12 - Oct. 14 - Quarterly Tests
  • Wednesday, October 14 - College Day
  • Thursday, October 22 - Pep Rally @ 2:49 p.m.
  • Thursday, October 22 - Report Cards go home
  • Friday, October 23 - Dance Party- 5th/6th grade dance 5:30-7:00 & 7th/8th grade dance 7:30-9:00 (more information below)
  • October 26 - October 30 - Red Ribbon Week (more information below)

Reading News

We are continuing Wonder and the kids are LOVING it! We have recently gotten to the climax of the story, so we are reading every spare moment we have. We are wrapping up our unit discussing mood and tone. This week, the students have definitely had an experience they won't forget anytime soon! They had to reach into a box to feel the mystery object, and it "jumped" at some of them! You'll have to ask your child about it and enjoy a good laugh! We will be finishing Wonder this month and begin researching various types of genetic diseases.

Next week we have our first quarterly exam. I gave students a review today in class that will be due on Tuesday, October 13th. I have attached a copy below so you can view this too. The reading test will be on Wednesday, and test corrections will be due on Monday, October 19th.

ELA News

Happy Fall!!!

The last two weeks have flown by in English Language Arts! I cannot believe we almost have the first quarter under our belts.

We completed units over "The Lady or the Tiger?" and "Thank You, Ma'am". The focus during this time was on organization, transitions, and "hooking" the audience. Your child continues to absolutely astound me when it comes to their creativity and ability to think critically!!! I know this is a product of being supported at home, so give yourself a HUGE pat on the back. You are doing an amazing job supporting your child; therefore, they are excelling by leaps and bounds in my class!!!

As a mom of a 2nd, 5th, and 6th grade student, I am familiar with the many activities going on, the pressure of school, and simply maintaining your sanity at times. Our children are going to make mistakes, they are going to forget their homework, they are going to make silly decisions- it is okay. From the experience with my older two, I have found they working to find their footing. They tend to push the boundaries. I think it is because they are in between those ages where they are not little, but they are not grown either. Please know, our 7th grade team communicates with one another daily and we want the absolute best for your child. If there is a concern, we will make it a priority to bring it to your attention. And, likewise, if you have a question or concern, please feel free to email or schedule a time to stop in for a chat. The BEST part of my job is getting to know you!!!

We will wrap up quarterly tests next week and gear up for a spooky October!

Make it a GREAT Day!

Mrs. Schroeder

Texas History News

In Texas History both Coach Land's and Coach Brogdon's classes are creating giant timeline/flowcharts that have the students working in groups. In these groups they are investigating the 12 major eras in Texas History. For each era they must have at least four significant events. They students really used their imagination and have created some awesome work.
In the next couple of weeks students will be able to explain the 4 Regions of Texas and be able to identify the differences between them. Once they have mastered the 4 Regions of Texas they will start studying the Native Texans/Indians.

Math News

We are practicing all operations with fractions and decimals. We have been studying word problems in class and identifying operations that would need to be done to solve that problem. We will have our Fractions & Decimal Operations Test on Thursday, October 1st. Extra Credit #2 is due on Friday, October 2nd for any quizzes below an 80. There is an optional 1st Quarter Review on Study Island to help students review all the skills that we have learned so far in preparation for our 1st Quarter Exams. The 1st Quarter Review is worth up to 39 extra credit daily points (1 point for each correct question.) and must be completed by October 12th. Our Math Quarterly Assessment will take two days so we will start it on October 12 and finish it on October 13th. Please encourage your child to attend tutoring for extra help.

7th Grade Mathematics/ Honors

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Science News

Science Quarterly test will be Wednesday!!!

We have been learning Cell Theory, Plant and Animal Cell Organelles, and the Organization of living things. I am also preparing them for the rigor of the test by including some higher order thinking questions within our learning stations. Some of our learning stations have been "Speed Dating" were they rotate around the room and meet with different classmates to discuss and analyze questions. They will then record their answer along with their reasoning. I have also designed a "Pick a Station" where students go to a station of their choice. There is a Build a Cell--where they put together the organelles to create a plant or animal cell. There is a Organelle match, where students must match the name,picture, structure and function of each cell organelle. I have included a Microscope match where students must match each structure of the microscope with its function. They then have the opportunity to view a variety of prepared slides to make observations of different plant and animal specimens. I have also included Scientific Method inquiry match as well as matching the levels of organization.

I have received many positive responses from the students. They really like getting out of their chair, discussing concepts with their classmates as well as the hands on activities.

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