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Be Kind, Be a Leader, Be Responsible for You

Hello Parents,

Welcome to our monthly newsletter for March! We had a lot going on this month even though spring break was at the end of it! Read on for highlights featuring student-led conferences, 2nd grade night to shine, Chieftain Leader recognitions, and PBIS happenings.

Upcoming Dates

Week of 4/18 Astronaut Day - 3 students will

attend a meeting at BHS to ask questions

4/21 Astronaut Day - Live Stream @ 12:50-1:30.

4/22 Interim time, Whole school drone picture

4/25 2nd Grade Reading Olympics

4/26 2nd grade Ag Day; Banking Morning

4/27-5/13 MAP testing

5/2 2nd Grade Field Trip

5/3 Kindergarten “Night to Shine” 6:00-8:00

Student of the Week Videos

2nd Grade Night to Shine: Art Show and Music Showcase

2nd graders shone brightly at their fine arts night. Many amazing works of art were displayed and students did a wonderful job showing off their singing!
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SEL Update

SEL lessons continued to focus on the 3rd Choose Love ingredient: forgiveness. 1st grade students learned that forgiveness can help us keep our friendships and is not a sign of weakness. We watched this video and talked about how sometimes our anger in the moment makes it hard to forgive, but once we calm down we can see that it is better to let the anger go.

2nd grade also talked about the importance of calming down in order to be in the right frame of mind to forgive. We watched this video of a book read aloud to identify 4 different strategies to calm down.

Both grades learned about a good apology- look the person in the eyes, say sorry, admit what you did wrong- and then we practiced apologizing to and forgiving each other in pairs.

~ Mrs. Maus, School Counselor

PBIS Update

For March the attribute we focused on was Responsibility, which means the young person accepts and takes personal responsibility. Responsibility is an asset that is important at any age level. Classrooms watched videos from Class Dojo on responsibility and completed some crafts.

Chieftain Leader Recognitions

The following students were recognized as 3rd Quarter Chieftain Leaders: Jillian Lambert, Tesla Willett, Greyson Ashworth, Scarlet Rose, Jackson Usas, Bennett Bland, Ian Clay, Brix Brown, Alex Arroyo, Holly Clem, Zayden Coil, Coltin Rollins, Aubrey Scheiderer, Gabby Orahood, Luke Bays, Valeena Gearheart, Leonnah Line, Bronson Huffman, Cameron Brown, Tanner Denbow, Reid Rammel, Ryder Lamb, Cannon Crawford, and A.J Hammond. Congratulations to these students who follow our 3 Schoolwide expectations every day: Be Kind, Be a Leader, and Be Responsible for You!
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Student Led Conferences

Thank you to all the families that attended our Student-led conferences, and picked up your fundraiser items!

Kindergarten March Curriculum Highlights

In Kindergarten, we started March out with some fun and exciting Dr. Seuss activities. In Math, we are focusing our attention on 3D shapes and story problems. We have also been working on different ways to make ten. In reading, we are reading more and more all by ourselves! We have become sounding out experts. Many of our Kindergarten classrooms have been focusing on life cycles with plants and animals. Some of Kindergarten classrooms have also been incubating chicken eggs in hopes of them hatching soon!

1st Grade March Curriculum Highlights

First grade pushed and pulled our way through the science standards in March by completing multiple experiments learning about Force and Motion. Classes rotated among various first grade classes to participate in experiments that show force and motion. Some activities they did included running Matchbox cars on blue tracks and using various items (sand paper, etc...) to see the effect they had on the car, playing Jenga to see what happens when the blocks are pushed and pulled, using pom pom balls and "poppers" to see what happens then you apply force to the balloon by pulling it down, and using car sling shots to see how much force it takes to push a car forward. The kids really enjoyed the hands-on learning activities!

2nd Grade March Curriculum Highlights

Second grade students spent the month of March learning about geometry. During this unit we learned about shape attributes and how shapes get their names. Students also had the opportunity to mix their reading, social studies, science, and art skills during research projects. Students learned about different monuments, people, and animals. They presented their findings by creating models and posters and presenting them to their peers. Some pictures of the projects are included below.