blah blah ruining my life

by victoria williams

causes and effets of the wall street crash


  • uneven distribution of income
  • stock market speculation
  • excessive use of credit
  • overproduction of consumer goods
  • weak farm economy
  • government policies
  • global economic problems


  • businesses became bankrupt
  • unemployment rose

hoover's policies

  • Monetary policy, controlled entirely by the Federal Reserve, was unforgivably tight in 1930, raising interest rates. In contrast, Alan Greenspan’s Fed has aggressively lowered the federal funds rate from 6.5 percent in 2000 to a steady 1 percent today, driving up investment and asset values
  • Hoover has to be ranked as perhaps the greatest failure as an American president. His failure was that he was locked in by his ideological view on the proper role of the government.
  • In American history, presidents have risen to the occasion in times of national crises. Hoover did not. It was not because of lack of competence.
  • It was not that he was a mean-spirited man, in fact Hoover's record of service abroad and at home spanned half a century. His policies, however, left Americans to fight the full furry of the Great Depression with little assistance from their government.
  • Lives were ruined, and people went hungry. Americans asked why a man who had saved so many European children was now allowing American children go hungry.

Franklin D. Roosevelt's new deal

The New Deal was a series of domestic programs enacted in the United States between 1933 and 1938. They involved laws passed by Congress as well as presidential executive orders during the first term of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

second new deal

The Second New Deal was a continuation and expansion of the original New Deal program enacted by US President Roosevelt during the Great Depression . By 1933, Roosevelt’s New Deal was being criticized, because many felt it did not offer enough relief and that very little had improved in terms of job growth and economic stability. The Second New Deal went much further in terms of direct government involvement and aid. Some of those programs are still in action, such as the Social Security Act and the Federal Housing Authority.