Animal Testing

By Dominic Carparelli


Its hurting the animals

it is a good thing that scientist are discovering new cures for harmful diseases.

But its not a good thing that in the process cats, Dogs, Monkeys, and rats are being killed in the process. About 300,000 Animals are tested every year by scientist who are trying o find cures for diseases, and about 55% are killed. A couple years ago Hans Kriek visited a research facility

Its not reliable

Scientist Do testing on animals to find cures for Humans, But a lot of the times animals respond differently to certain viruses. there was a time in the 1950's where a scientist invented a drug to help cure morning sickness. This drug was harmless dogs, cats, monkeys, and rats. It was not until over 10,000 children were born with birth defects that the scientist realized it does not work.

Wasting Biillions

In 2013, 14.5 million tax dollars were sent to animal research facilities across the US.Of all that money 92% of that was wasted do to failed experiments. The other 8% were proven safe and effective on animals. That was not the case on humans, 4% of the vaxines made for humans were effective and was safe and the other 4% killed.

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