Texas Highway Article

By: Sarah Pryor

A road trip to remember

A five day road trip around Texas can really give you lots of information about Texas's past. The first stop in this 5 day trip was Galveston. In Galveston there is lots of history on their past hurricane events, and we had to get the scoop, only at the Galveston storm memorial. We learned facts such as "On the days of August 27th - September 12th in 1900, the great Galveston hurricane hit with winds over 145 MPH.

We drove almost 4 hours to Corpus Christi the next day, just to see the Lexington Museum! We learned some pretty interesting things, some of which happened to be its about the USS Lexington which is a boat that was 19 stories tall and longer than 3 New York blocks! It took about 3 hours to do JUST the self guided tours! But there was so much to see, and so many more things to learn about. That was a very interesting day in Corpus Christi, and that concluded our day!

Day three was used by traveling to San Antonio. There was only one thing we couldn't do, which was to go to the Alamo which had some incredibly amazing things to see. I learned that while the fighting in the Alamo the women and children were gathered into a shelter for protection. That concluded our day in San Antonio.

The Bat Bridges is where we visited when we went to Austin. We went on a small boat with a couple other people, getting closer and closer to a massive bridge. Just as the Boat edged closer and the sun hid behind the earth; a swarm of bats flew out over the entire boat! It was really fascinating watching the thousands of bats fly out from under the bridge as the sun began to form a beautiful sunset.

Then the magically historic road trip had to come to an end as we traveled back to Dallas and we had to have some fun after a long day of driving so we concluded our day by going to the Dallas zoo!

In the end the trip was amazing and we learned many historical fact about Texas!

Texas Fun

The trip was amazing but my favorite part was going to the bat bridges! The amazing sunset was an amazing background to the bats as they traveled in a trail to wherever they may have been going. They were coming out for hours, and you just have to think, how many bats can possibly fit under one bridge? It was an awesome trip but this was definitely my highlight!