Alexander the Great

by allison coates, raelynn matias, cayla simmons

How did Alexander establish his empire starting with Greece, then moving in to Persia and India?

Conquered the rebellion in Greece, then created an agreement with all of Greece city states. in Persian Alexander the great wins Persia over war and Darius runs away, while in the mean time he aids Darius family. then burns Persian capital. In India a monsoon happens and they retreated.

What happened when Alexander “invaded” Egypt? What did the Egyptians do/ call him

Alexander the great just walked in and took control of Egypt and they named him Pharaoh.

Define Hellenistic culture (what 4 cultures did it combine).

Greek, Indian, Egyptian, and Persian culture all in one.

Explain why Alexander the Great was enthralled with Hellenistic ideals.

He builds cities and leaves behind the Greeks to share all this culture.