Fusion Fanfare

September 28, 2014

Did You Notice The Name Change?

Fusion Friday has now become Fusion Fanfare. The post is the same: a few simple hints, shout outs, ideas, or other helpful tidbits as we navigate teaching Fusion Reading. I have to be honest about the change. Fusion Friday was a great title, but it was simply TOO MUCH pressure! Every Friday? Really? Anyone who knows me is laughing right now and saying, "Every Friday? That will never happen!" So, I've taken the pressure off a little bit. I eliminated a deadline; particularly one at the end of the week! Now I have time and the weekend to pause and reflect on some of the many great things I observed during the past week. There may be a Fusion Fanfare every week or every couple of weeks. No Time Table. Oh, I feel better already! The name may not be as catchy, but it sure is much better this way!

All About Vocabulary

Hints for Suffixes

I sometimes see students struggling during vocabulary when it comes to locating suffixes. They don't know where to start! It's not as easy as prefixes. When locating prefixes, students find the first letter of the word and they have a place to begin, but suffixes are tricky. The last 2 letters? The last 3? Where to begin?!

Irma's recommendation is to count from the last letter in 4 letters and to start looking there.

In the example below, students would begin their search for a suffix with the letter S on their vocabulary sheets. Not finding a suffix of SARY, they would move to the letter A. Bingo! There students will find the suffix- ARY meaning relating to! Using this strategy, students have an easy method to begin their search for suffixes. Thank you, Irma!
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Study Tips for Vocabulary Quizzes


Did you know that Quizlet has the Vocabulary Sets for Fusion already entered? Create or open your free account with Quizlet and search: Fusion Vocabulary. Presto! Flash cards, tests, and study games to make learning and studying for vocabulary quizzes fun for students. Take some time this weekend to check it out at Quizlet.com.

Vocabulary Foldables by Julie Sproul

Julie Sproul, Fusion Teacher at AG Middle, helps her students study for vocabulary quizzes by making foldables. A unique aspect to her method is on the back of the foldable in the Reminds Me Of section. Here students make personal connections for their vocabulary words to help remember meanings.

Let's Share Our Successes!

Please Share an Idea in the Form Below

As I visit Fusion classrooms, I see so many great things you are doing, but I know I am only scratching the surface of the special things happening. I have included a form below for anyone to share a tip, idea, or a success story. Please write some of the wonderful things you are doing, so I can included them in the next Fusion Fanfare!!

One Last Thought

This week I heard two statements from teachers that warmed my heart and I wanted to share with you. One teacher told me her Fusion time is the only time during the day when she really feels like a special education teacher! Another told me, her Fusion class was her sanctuary. It feels good to get back to good old special education teaching, doesn't it?

Have a Wonderful Week!