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Make Your Summer Work

As you plan your summer, don't forget to include some volunteer hours in your schedule. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and gain essential skills and experience. You will be helping others and yourself, as volunteer hours can help you to get that first paying job or college scholarship. Our community is full of opportunity for volunteering. Here are a few possibilities: Weatherford Regional Hospital, the Weatherford Animal Shelter, Weatherford Library, your local church for Vacation Bible School or Mission Trips, Center of Hope...and many more.

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Frabjous Flamingo Frenzy!

The flamingo invasion at Peaster High School has taken even our most feather brained students by storm. These “Flamingo Flocks” that have littered our lockers and decorated our roadways in festive pink hues have been wrangled by none other than our very own Peaster FCCLA program.

FCCLA, (Family, Career, Community Leaders of America) led locally by Mrs. Sears, has many students advancing in their respective competitions this year in areas such as Interior Design, Entrepreneurship, and The Knowledge Bowl, being held this year in San Diego, California.

So far, through Flamingo Fundraisers and sponsorship from devout family members and friends, the FCCLA National qualifiers have raised an estimated $5,400 for their trip. Cole Enos, Kortnee Sanmann, and Jillian Goode placed first in Interior Design with a perfect score, along with Cody Houk and Bekah Williams who placed third, making them the first large group in a long time to advance to Nationals. Kortnee Sanmann and Kodie Sears are also celebrating their commended success in Entrepreneurship.

“Different universities give all kinds of stuff to people that qualify…” Mrs. Sears explained. Apparently, there’s more at stake to win than medals or titles in these competitions.

Texas Tech awarded Jillian Goode and Kayla Stone each with a $4,000 scholarship, along with the Johnson & Wales University in Denver Colorado, who awarded Kodie Sears and Kortnee Sanmann with $3,000 scholarships each.

Mrs. Sears had no trouble convincing us that “FCCLA is a great organization to get kids involved, provides opportunities to improve their life skills, and gives them chances of securing success in the future.”

Congratulations to the FCCLA National qualifiers, Peaster High School wishes you the best of luck in San Diego!
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