Kindergarten News

February 18, 2016

Our Great Big World, Kindergarten Unit 6

We've been reading nonfiction text and learning about our Sun and Moon. We will continue to collect facts about the sun and moon for some fun informative writing projects.

Reading - We will be reading a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts about the Sun and Moon. As we read we will try using the 5 W's (who, what, when, where, why) to ask and answer questions for better understanding.

Try visiting the PebbleGo website to read about the Sun and Moon.
user: castlio
pw: school

Vocabulary Words - observe & nonfiction

Sight Words - good, new, our

Writing - We are using sight words and phonetic spelling to write information about community helpers. We will also try using the words first, next and last in our narrative writing.

Phonics - The /th/ & /sh/ sounds will be practiced. We are reading and writing consonant vowel consonant (cvc) words.

Math - Practice counting by ones, fives and tens. Keep using the hundreds chart in your child's FROG folder to help them practice counting and writing numbers to 100.

We are working through Math Topic 9 Addition.

Please login to your child's math account for more practice.

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February 18th & 19th - "cut the material" nights 5:30-8pm
February 23rd - Magic House Field Trip
February 24th - Six Flags Reading Logs are due
February 25th - Crider Center Counseling Classroom Visit
March 3rd - Crider Center Counseling Classroom Visit
March 4th - Early Release Day
March 31st - Castlio Tech Fest