Shervins daily reflection

January 5 2016

Today I learned about how to use commas in sentences .Then I did a test on it I don't no what I got.After that I did Reading Writing Workshop I am doing a expository biography on Muhammad the prophet.Then in math I did a decimal video with ashutosh.

January 6 2016

The best thing today is when I found out how to turn decimals into fraction. So now I can get the answers right.

February 1 2016

Today we finished the book number the stars. It was a great book.The last chapter was two years later when the war ended. Annemarie was 12 and Kirsty was 7. After that we are I Sip test. I did good On fluency.

February 3 2016

Today we did the geo bee it was so fun I got three points Sebastian won the game. After that we went to recess me mini played minecraft I got enchanted gold armor.

February 5 2016

Today I did my 100 day menu.It was so fun.I got to make a cup tower and punch it down.

February 8 2016

Today a magition came he was named James wand he was a spy to.He made really bad magic tricks.

February 11 2016

Today at pe I did jump rope came she was very good at jump roping.

Then when we came back we did a singular and plural activity.I got every one right on my first try. Then I went to recess. Me,Avril,and Minne played hide and seek. When we came back we did math zones. Reflex and multiplication war with Avril. Then we did a hard 7th grader math problem. No one got it correct.

February 16 2016

Today we read the giver it was great. In art today I finished my space painting. For the rest of the time I did modeling clay.

February 17 2016

Today I learned that there are different type of measurement.Like inches , centimeters ,and meleleaders.

February 19 2016

Today we did a hard paper challenge only two people out of the class figured it out. It was so fun.

March 4 2016

This week was fun. Because we played apex ball it was fun we also had the pep rally. It was fun because we wrist bands with trates on them.I Acsedentely liked electric new nickname is sherbet Shervin.