The Lowdown on Lead

Don't Let Your Kid Be Poisoned

What is Lead?

Lead is a metal found in the dirt. It used to be used in paint before people knew it was poisonous. If you live in a building built before 1978, your house might have lead paint or lead water pipes.
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Who Can Get Lead Poisoning?

Anyone who eats, drinks, or breathes lead can get poisoned but kids under 6 are most at risk. They tend to put things in their mouth a lot that could have lead dust. Also, their brains are still developing so it has a bigger effect on them.

In Chicago, neighborhoods like Englewood, North Lawndale, Austin, and Rogers Park-- neighborhoods with lots of older houses, have high rates of lead poisoning.

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Where Can I Get My Child Tested?

You can find out your child's lead level by getting their blood tested. To find free testing locations go to