Chelsea Manor Country Christmas

Holiday Happiness at Sandy's!


Hi, girlfriends -

here are some of the photos from yesterday! Thanks again to everyone for making it such a fun & delightful afternoon. Thanks to Sandy for hosting (the hostess with the mostest!), to jacquie for our moonflower pendants (so thoughtful), to Carla for driving, to Maria for your amazing generosity & everyone for your food, your company, and your delightful friendship!

love you all,


Time for cheer and ... Dirty Santa!

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A special thank you to our beautiful teacher and friend, jacquie for giving us all such a wonderful gift! ~ Carla

WOW Ladies, what a great day and such wonderful fun., hopefully you all have recovered... Maria THANK YOU for the wonderful food and the Most Thoughtful Gifts., we are planning a post Christmas event (announcement later)... You must be there!!!! Thank you all for being great friends.

Carla I thank you for the thoughtful "vintage" gift, I am going to frame it... It will go lovely on a wall!

Lina, loved the "hot pickles" bring that again anytime...

Love you all NAMASTE

Sandy Lapasnick

Thank YOU Sandy! What a wonderful day and a wonderful place to share it with the BEST group of girls! Maria, thank you too, for your generosity and thoughtfulness, We sure hope you will be with us next time. :)

Hugs to you all!

I am so envious of all of you gals.

I wish I would have been there.

Thank you so much Sandie for your invitation.

You are very welcome Suzanne and Sandie.

Everything was made with a very special ingredient LOVE!!!!

Hugs as well to everybody!!!!


Maria mi amiga! Such a lovely way to sum up our gathering on Sunday…the main ingredient was “LOVE”! Of course we wish you could have been there too, but we talked about you constantly…your rice casserole was delicious (Thank you, Ladies for letting me take the rest home..Taylor scarfed it up!) and your thoughtful gifts of chocolate decadence were…well…decadent!

Every one of you mean so much to me! Sandy, please get us Doreen’s address so she can chime in, I truly enjoyed meeting her and making a new friend!

Carla, your dessert was scrumptious and my family dueled over the last two slices!

I swear, I don’t know how I have been so blessed with all of your generosity and friendships….it makes me kind of weepy!

Lina…LOVED the pics! Awesome memories!

I loved what Dirty Santa brought me but I woke up feeling so guilty about stealing it! ;)

Love to all,



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