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Kerala is also planned for release on the same day of its release in Tamil Mohanlal and accelerate large -scale vitukiraram paplicittiyai. Also, do not take a salary in the film starring Mohanlal has opened called. Inquired about it, enkirarkala true. But he buys the right to purchase 4 million paid kkiraram answered Kerala. jilla songs The film is said to him, whereas the double- fold vaculittukkot.

Mohanlal 's Kerala district acquired the jilla songs rights to 20 After Mohanlals company bought the Kerala right for Jilla boss Vijay film jilla. Kajal Agarwal opposite Malayalam superstar plays a key role. Films produced by RB Supergood Chaudhry. Directing the Nation.

The shooting has been going fast. Accordingly decided to release on Pongal tasks are accelerated. Malayalam rights of this film was launched recently. Many leading companies competed to buy the picture. Mouse in Kerala jilla songs alone has reason to Vijay film. Mohan and appearances than the

keralaviltan district jilla songs of Tamil Nadu to have high expectations jilla songs. Mohanlal won the match in partner agency auspices Cinemas. Refused to disclose details of the rights of the film. 15 has been released on audio and tiraiylar. Pongal release film. District Pongal ! The official announcement again ! ! 76 Jilla again confirmed for Pongal Release RB Choudhary flick starring in the film 's production district.

Yes, the loss of Boss In order to be more careful than on film portrays Vijay. In addition, 7 jilla songs years ago Ajith 's Alwar And collided with the gangster film, Vijay, Ajith and the heroism of the system by the county building has drawn to a showdown. The Pongal Pongal is so dramatic that fans started celebrating at the same time, Rajini 's koccataiyanum Another pleasant shock to be released for jilla songs Pongal. But in the meantime, jilla songs something a movie theater jilla songs issue The situation has created a retreat.