It's Better in the Bahamas

Basic Info!

Bahamas is a great way to get away with your loved ones. We have everything you would enjoy doing with your family, kids, or lover. Very affordable depending what you want to do! We have the finest hotels, you will enjoy every bit of the time you spend in the Bahamas. Our Population is around 347, 176, and 347, 177 including YOU! So come and enjoy this wonderful place with us!

Were To Find Us?

283 miles east of Miami, FL. The absolute location would be 24deg15' N, 76deg00' W.

Our area in square miles is 5,382

Physical Features :D

- The island is made up of 700 rocks and cays.
- The coral reef system near Andros Island is the third largest in the world.
- Dean's blue hole in Long Island is the deepest in the world, over 660ft.

Tourists attractions!

Comfort Suits | Paradise Island

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