Roger Payne

What Happened?

On February 7th 1968 the murder of Claire Josephs occurred. The body was stabbed multiple times and had deep cuts to the throat.


Bernard Josephs came home around 8pm on February 7th 1968 and found his wife stabbed and cutten on the throat.

People involved in this included Bernard and Claire Josephs as well as Claire's friend Roger Payne a local bank clerk.

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Blood was found on Paynes Handkerchief the blood found was two types of blood that both matched one of either Paynes or Claire's blood was also found on his car this blood type was only Claire's .

There was no forcible entry into the house and the police assumed the victim knew Roger Payne.

Fiber evidence:

Claire was wearing a red cerise woolen dress at the time of the murder. 61 fibers were found matching the dress that Claire was wearing. Fibers from Rogers scarf were also found under Claire's fingernails as well as 20 other fibers from the scarf on Claire's rain coat.