Marco Polo

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A little information on Marco Polo

Marco Polo was born on September 15, 1254 in Venice, Italy. His nationality was Venetian. When Marco Polo got married in 1300 he married a women named Donata Badoer. They had three children named Fantina Polo, Moreta Polo, Belella Polo. Marco Polo was known for his travels. He died on January 8, 1324.

Important dates in Marco Polo's life

1254 ~ Marco Polo born in venice

1260 ~ Nicolo and Maffeo Polo leave Constantinople and travel east

? 1266 ~ The Polos reach the court of Kublai Khan, stay for a short period then begin their return trip

1269 ~ The Polos arrive in Venice

1271 ~Marco leaves for China with his father and uncle

1275 ~ The polos arrive at kublai khan`s court: Marco travels across the mongol empire for the next seventeen years

1292 ~ The polos leave China by traveling the sea

1295 ~ The polos return to venice

? 1296 ~ Marco is taken prisoner and sent to Genoa

1298 ~ Marco and Rustichello write a description of the world

1324 ~ Marco dies in venice

Marco Polo sailed for Europe. He often sailed from Europe to Asia.