An Album To Remember

Review On Murs and 9th Wonders' Album "The Final Adventure"

Murs & 9th Wonder - Dance With Me


When first hearing the album The Final Adventure one instantly detects the great production of 9th Wonder who never fails to bring back the old boom bap feel of music. From beginning to end the production and choice of samples meshed well with each other to form a great work of art. Being one who initially bases the quality of a song off of the instrumental, my reaction was not too impressed with the lyrics of rapper Murs. However, after a thorough listen, one becomes infatuated with the instrumentals, they should then take time to hear the lyrics thoroughly and then began to realize what great wordplay was being said by Murs and what made this album a great album in the music industry.

Musician Background

Murs is a current rap veteran who gained fame in 1996 when first appearing with the well known rap group Living Legends. A proud rapper who reigns from South Central had a passion for music and also very creative and it is shown with his name being an acronym for Making the Universe Recognize and Submit. Producer 9th Wonder reigns from Durham, North Carolina and broke out into the scene when first making a track for Jay-Z in the early 2000’s and ever since has been recognized as one of the most respected rap producers.


In the theme of this album Murs likes to talk about the stories that he has encountered overall, mainly focusing on the stories that a rapper encounters and when they are on tour. Murs then explains how those situations are resolved. Another key factor that contributes to the album such a great one is the lyrics. One could feel and think as if the lyrics in the album were very well thought out and came from the heart. In every song Murs expressed himself fully and did not hold back on the content on the lyrics. For example, on the song “Dance With Me” Murs talks about a story where he mentions meeting a girl while he was on tour and how he wanted to have a relationship with this woman however, distance was the issue. Murs takes you on a journey about the situation and all the insight and details of what ended up happening.


The tracks “Get Together”, “Dance With Me” and “It’s Over” stand out the most to me because all three tracks bring out a different side of Murs. In “Get Together” it brings out a more aggressive style of Murs while “Dance With Me” brings out a more open and emotional side of Murs. Finally on “It’s Over” Murs then channels a style where he has no remorse for others. However, there are some flaws in the album. The track “Tale Of Two Cities” sags in the album because although the song is not entirely bad, it stood out more as bad because the rest of the tracks on the album were great tracks which made “Tale Of Two Cities” the outcast of the album. Although this album had such great production, one minor flaw that could be pointed out is that there are some songs that have beats somewhat similar to some beats in prior albums.

Compared to other hip-hop albums this album most definitely stands as a great quality album. In fact, it is underrated because with such great production and lyrics it does not have that much exposure compared to other albums in the past.

Overall Review

Overall, this album deserves an 8 on a scale of 10 because the album does not fail with great music production and the lyrics also serve as another reason why it is such a quality album. The album was very diverse in the lyrics as it could channel others types of feelings with Murs’ different styles being accessed in different tracks. The only flaws in the album is that the beats in the album sound somewhat similar to some other tracks done by 9th wonder. The final flaw that could be noticed was that the album was very short which left the audience wanting more from the dynamic duo.